I wanted to get involved, I wanted to create something different, I wanted to invest in ideas. Just imagine you are in Italy, in the historic centre of Verona, capital of culture and capital of wine. Imagine now passing under a 17th century Renaissance arch and entering a historic palace in the city. Imagine you end up in a tasting room with 48 wines at the bar and you are given a Wine Card that allows you to taste all these wines... Here you can open your eyes: this place really exists. This place is the Symposio

Why the name Symposio?
In ancient Greece, the Symposio was the time of the banquet dedicated to wine tasting, a perfect name for this innovative Wine Bar! A real "new concept" in the catering world, based on a modern tasting room that uses the technology of Wine Dispensers.

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They are simply amazing! In addition to maintaining the characteristics of the wine for a long period thanks to the use of nitrogen, they offer the possibility for each bottle to use three different doses: the tasting, the half glass and the whole glass. The system works with a Wine Card, either prepaid or debit, that needs to be inserted in the dispenser. Once inserted, all you have to do is decide which wine to taste and in which dose, and prepare yourself for a nice toast with friends. Thanks to the incredible work by the oenologist and sommelier Elena Turri, we have created an interesting selection of wines. The tasting room is composed of 48 wines at the bar. Half of these are labels from the Veronese area, small family-run wineries, handmade products created with care and passion.

Among these are the 4 Amaroni della Valpolicella wines that we serve regularly. A selection that we take care of directly, going first to visit the winery and meet the owners. In the tasting room you will then find another 16 national wines, representative of the major Italian regions. From the Pinot Noirs and Gewurtztraminer of Alto Adige to the wines of Sicily, from the great Piedmontese reds to the Tuscan ones. Finally, 8 international wines from all over the world, first of all France but not only: Germany, Argentina, New Zealand, South Africa... We also had a Lebanese wine! And the sparkling wines? Of course, there are also sparkling wines. They are not managed with wine dispensers, but they are available to drink by the glass. From local sparkling wines such as Durello and Prosecco, to Champagne from small maisons.


I was born in Verona, in the middle of vineyards and cellars. If you are born in these places something changes in your DNA: wine becomes a passion and without you noticing it becomes part of your culture. I entered the restaurant business when I was young to gain economic independence from my family and to pay for my studies, first high school and then university, where I graduated in Business Administration and Marketing and Communication.

Then I spent seven wonderful years working for a Petfood multinational. But at a certain point I dropped everything! I took a year "for me", a "sabbatical" year where I travelled around the world, an extraordinary backpacking trip across Europe, Asia and America. Until I returned to my passion: wine and the world of catering. A family that supported me, friends that encouraged me and a bank that believed in this project...


Not just Wine!


The wine selection is accompanied by a careful selection of artisan beers and grappas and a small high-quality drink list. All this is accompanied by a tasty high-class bistro menu. Artisan cold cuts and cheeses from small producers in Lessinia, a wonderful regional park on the northern border of the province of Verona.

The platters are accompanied by our selection of mustards, artisan mixed pickles and our buns. For the aperitif we also offer a selection of Roman Pinse, following the original recipe of the dough with dehydrated wheat, rice and soya and a 72-hour long rising time. In the pinse list you will find the most classic ones like the Margherita and Naples, up to our gourmet pinse, the Symposio and Sicily, all to discover and taste. A small menu for lunch and dinner completes our offer.


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